The Exhibition

Joslyn Art Museum presents the first major museum exhibition of the works of Omaha artist Kent Bellows. The Joslyn has been contemplating an exhibition of Kent Bellows' art work since his passing in 2005. Now, under the direction of independent curator Molly S. Hutton, Ph.D., the exhibition will open on September 25, 2010 and run until January 16, 2011. The exhibition consists of 74 pieces of art made by Bellows, including paintings, drawings, lithographs and set constructions. This is not a retrospective exhibition, but instead concentrates on the detailed, realistic, mature work which was the hallmark of Kent Bellows' career. This exhibition is a landmark for the museum as it has never before hosted an exhibition of this size for a local artist.

This is the link to the Joslyn's announcement of the Bellows Exhibition.

"simply remarkable" a comment I heard over and over during my brief visit on Saturday afternoon…not surprising to me because I was one of the lucky few who got to see most of these pieces before they were crated and shipped out of Omaha, I photographed them for Kent so he would have a visual record for posterity.

Once you see his work you too will be saying “simply remarkable” and you’ll also understand why the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC has two of Kent’s in their permanent collection…he is one of two Nebraska artists who can claim this distinction…”simply remarkable”!

- patrick

We visited the gallery on Friday, and quickly convinced ourselves to reappear on Saturday. Kent's works are so amazing that the longer you stare at them, the more you discover and appreciate. I would encourage everyone and anyone to view this exhibition. The level of detail is truly astonishing, and his ability to capture feelings and moments in his works is extraordinary.

- Trevor Fuhrman

I have not enjoyed an art exhibition more.  You need to see this collection of original pieces, in person, to truly appreciate the amazing detail Kent Bellows was able to achieve. I am in awe.

- Lauren

Cellophane rendered in pencil.  Snow too.  Textiles, nature, life, flawlessly reproduced in graphite and egg tempera.  Don’t miss this exhibition.  

- Mort